Our Mission

The mission of D4AC is to use our event-production and fundraising skillsets to help make a difference in the lives of those suffering with HIV/AIDS. We proudly help and assist reputable non-profit organizations and their causes. Although we primarily serve the LGBTQIA community, we welcome sponsors, volunteers, and partners of all walks of life. 


D4AC was founded in 2015 by Aaron Lorance and Ryan Walter with the express purpose of helping fundraise for local charities, namely Chase Brexton and the Baltimore AIDS Walk & Run. Each year, the event has expanded in both scope and fundraising goals. On April 20-22, 2018, D4AC hosts its first-ever multi-day event: a circuit-party fundraiser held at Baltimore Eagle and Factory17. For details about these events, visit the 'Events' page. 



Code Red: Dance 4 A Cure (2016)

  • Major support and sponsorship from local businesses

  • Recruited 6 volunteers

  • Raffled more than $3700 in prizes

  • 200+ attendees

  • $4400+ raised and donated to Chase Brexton Health Care and The Baltimore AIDS Walk & Run 


GLOW (2017)

  • Rebranded organization as "D4AC" (Dance 4 A Cause)

  • Developed initial branding collateral

  • Conceptualized, planned, and executed first-ever event: GLOW

  • Highlighted amenities of newly opened Baltimore Eagle, including a VIP party, fashion show, and catering

  • Recruited more than 15 volunteers

  • Received major sponsorship and support from local Baltimore businesses and recognized international brands

  • 275+ attendees

  • Raffled more than $3500 in prizes

  • Raised and donated more than $6700 to Chase Brexton Health Care and The Baltimore AIDS Walk & Run against a plan of $6000



  • Board of five members formed, comprised of Aaron Lorance (Founding Director), Ryan Walter (Founding Director), Bryan Castille (Creative Director and Social Media Coordinator), Rob Clatterbuck (Director of Photography), Christopher Garret (Decor and Visuals Director), and Gabriel Fischer (Talent, Entertainment, and Volunteer Director)

  • Event expands to become a 3-day event and after-hours party

  • Sponsorship of local LGBT publication Baltimore Outloud

  • Major sponsorship and support from local Baltimore businesses and recognized international brands

  • Redesigned logo and branding 

  • Official website published, including online store for sale of event tickets and t-shirts 

  • Published blog to help grow online market reach with regular content and features

  • Greatly expanded social media presence, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Snapchat

  • Greatly expanded social media promo for sponsors, DJs, performers, and other event-related content

  • Conducted local photo shoot for promo and marketing

  • Fundraising goal of $10,000


Upcoming Goals and Plans

  • Expand to the Denver metro area

  • Grow our team and talent

  • Build a more robust volunteer base

  • Expand website for year-round content publishing and sponsor promotions


NOTE: D4AC is a fundraising organization who raises money and donates that money to existing charities in coordination with those charities. We are not a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. We raise funds by selling raffle tickets, and Jell-o shots, and from a percentage of cover charges awarded by event venues. All associated out-of-pocket expenses have been paid by D4AC. If you would like to know more about our efforts and practices, please write to us at info@d4acevents.com for more information or contact Chase Brexton Health Services.